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About Me: Reviews

"An exceptionally talented young pianist captured the heart of our audience. Marina Petrov's performance was alive with remarkable musicality, virtuosity and dramatic power."

Politica (Yugoslavian Newspaper)

"The primary virtues of Ms Petrov's piano recital were the intensity of expression alongside a large spectrum of colourful, warm tones. The Variation on a Theme of Corelli by S. Rachmaninov was performed with emotional deepness and a striking sense of musical maturity."

The Times

"You are such a star! Listening to your Moonlight Sonata (by L.V. Beethoven) was a breathtaking experience. You have managed masterly to create the mood of the 1st movement with emotional depth, making an exceptional delicate piano sound and, 2nd one has sounded so graceful. In contrast, the 3rd movement you played with such fire, strong temperament and powerful sound that you made me shiver."

"I like coming to your students' concerts because they all play so musically. You have a very exceptional and close relationship with your piano students."

Late Professor Carola Grindea
Piano Pedagogue, Pianist, Lecturer & Writer

"I have always been an admirer of Marina's strong and versatile persona. We have performed together in a few concerts where she stood out as a musician of great individuality and unique style. Combining the famous Russian School and Western methods together, she also specialises in helping musicians with occupational injuries that makes her truly an exceptional and distinguished piano pedagogue on the international level. In addition, her excellent organisational skills have helped her to get involved with various charities as well as establishing numerous events including concerts some of which I was part of and a great supporter of."

Professor Olga Dudnik
Concert Pianist

"As a pianist, I have enjoyed performing together with Marina Petrov as I find her playing interesting, marked with intensity as well as energy and overall musical sensitivity. Her sound is bold but delicate, coloured with expression and deep emotional coordination. With her experience supported by the great knowledge, she has established herself as a remarkable piano pedagogue in many different fields and I find a pleasure in organising joint ventures with her. "

Maya Momchilovich-Jordan
Performer Pianist & Piano Pedagogue

"When I first met Marina seventeen years ago, her piano playing impressed me and I was pleased to be able to recommend her for performances as a soloist, both in and out of London. As her colleague, I also became aware of her accomplishments as a teacher noting how well her pupils played both technically and artistically. In addition, she is a highly respected music educator and performer, whose knowledge and methods have influenced my own work in these fields."

Bruce Boardman
Performer Pianist & Teacher

"Marina is a piano artist with inherent distinctive artistic talent and tremendous creative potential! The traits of her broad Russian spirit in harmony with the Balkan temperament can be clearly heard in her pianistic virtuosity in fast movements. In contrast, she is able to express such refined lyrics in slow movements, sounds of which can invoke ecstasy. I could listen to her piano playing for hours ... She is always so innovative and original! Playing with her was such a thrilling and fulfilling experience."

Lidija Scepancevic
Viola Soloist

"As a colleague of Marina Petrov, I have been present at many of her student recitals. In a period of a decade, I have had the chance to hear many of them and I have been impressed with their standard. It is obvious that Mrs. Petrov has good teaching skills and the ability to help students develop their musicality or implement them with her own, which is quite unique."

Neska Isovic-Dzihan
Piano Teacher

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