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Award-winning Pianist, Lecturer,
Piano Tutor
Occupational Injury Specialist

About Me

Marina is an award-winning classical pianist, experienced piano educator and lecturer, specialising in preventing occupational injuries in keyboard players. She has over 30 years of experience in teaching junior and adult pianists, from beginners to highly advanced music professionals.

Marina's students have a very high passing rate of various piano examinations in the UK, including LRSM and FRSM diplomas, and they perform regularly, often at piano competitions, with many of them winning awards and prizes. As a classically trained pianist, Marina has given over 300 piano performances across the UK and Eastern Europe.

Marina has been running the London-based competition Around the Globe Piano Music Festival since 2014.

Marina Petrov - piano tuition

My Services

My term-time piano courses for intermediate to highly advanced level pianists of all ages are bespoke to fit your needs, musical goals and styles you want to explore.

Thanks to my extensive experience as a classical concert pianist and in the field of piano education, you can be assured to benefit from a piano course that suits your specific needs and wishes, whatever your current pianistic abilities and level.

Students hands - RSI advice

One to One Piano Lessons

Attending one-to-one piano lessons in my home studio in Islington, London N7, is undoubtedly the most effective way to make rapid progress and benefit from my highly personalised piano instruction.

RSI advice London

Intensive Piano Course

It is specifically designed for individuals who want to make fast progress in a short time and prepare better for an exam, piano competition or public performance. You can also apply outside of term dates and study 3 or more weekly sessions for as many weeks as you wish!

Piano instruction North London

Piano Occupational Injury Specialist

As a Piano Occupational Injury Specialist, I deeply care about the well-being of my students and their enjoyment of playing, including all aspects of the piano performance. When the body and mind are free of tensions, I believe we play better and can express our musicality to the fullest extent.

Marina Petrov


"After completing my Grade 8 in Piano, I felt lost in Piano performance. I have since found Marina as my teacher, and I cannot express how much she has changed my playing in any way other than exceptionally. She has helped me grow not only as a musician but as an artist. We focused on reworking my technique, genera l posture and how to care for my previously injured right hand. These exercises have strengthened and improved my playing with zero discomforts in my injury.

Marina’s approach to music is just as personable as it is professional. I look forward to our lessons each week as it is guaranteed I am to learn a new skill. As an adult learner, I feel encouraged and valued as her student and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her to all ages and abilities.”

Ainjiel-Shaolee Clark,

Choir Leader

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